Do you have fancy dress?
Sorry boys and girls, we don’t have a fancy dress department anymore.
Check out Lombards

Do you deliver?
You will need to organise your own pick up.
We do not have the staff for a delivery driver unfortunately.
We can look at arranging courier companies for smaller items, charges will apply.

Is this for sale?
All our props & wardrobe are for hire only.
We do on occasion put things up on eBay or our Facebook Page.

Can I hire props or wardrobe for my party?
Sorry we don’t hire out to random house party events.
The past has proven to be too risky for the items.
We all mean well, but inebriated individuals and props don’t mix.
We do hire out to corporate functions on occasion.

What happens if I lose or break a prop?
That would be most unfortunate, but accidents do happen.
If the piece is unfixable, we would ask for payment for what the item was worth.
Or you can replace the item yourself as long as it is an exact or close match.
But we do ask that you take care of these items as if it were your most prized possession.

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